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The Shoura application helps to provide all lawyers and legal advisors in the field of military justice, and you can book and communicate with them smoothly

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Here is the role of the Shoura application, which includes a group Large and distinguished lawyers with years of experience in family law, personal status and all departments, and you can book and communicate with them with ease.

the Shoura application was provided to facilitate communication with the highest class of lawyers in the law on insurance, pensions and services and to communicate with them with ease and speed

Civil law is a branch of private law It is also interested in resolving any disputes that arise.A full part is available in the Shoura application specialized lawyers with high experience in the civil law, and you can book and communicate with them With ease

A full part is available in the Shoura application specialized in lawyers with high experience in the nationality and immigration law, and you can book and communicate with them With ease and ease.


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Know more about the law⚖️ With AL-SHOURA application ????⚖???? ✅When is it permissible to prove the opposite of a constant by writing without writing?!! ✅ How to respond to the claim that it is not permissible to prove anything other than in writing?!! ✅We know very well that legal behavior established by written evidence - a contract - an acknowledgment - cannot be proven to the contrary except with other written evidence, but when is it permissible to prove the opposite without written evidence? ✅ The Evidence Law stipulates in Articles 60 and 61 of it that - it is not permissible to prove by the testimony of witnesses - in matters other than commercial matters - the disposal, whether in terms of its existence or its expiration, if the value of the legal disposal - the subject of the proof - exceeds one thousand pounds, or the value of the disposal is not specified. Other than in writing - provided that there is no agreement or text stipulating otherwise. However, Article 63 allows proof by witness testimony, although proof is obligatory with written evidence in the following cases: - ✅1- If there is a material or moral impediment that prevents obtaining written evidence. An example of a moral impediment is the existence of a degree of kinship between the creditor and the debtor, such as the father’s relationship with his daughter and vice versa, as well as the marital relationship. However, the marital relationship is not considered - in general terms - as a moral impediment that prevents obtaining a written document, and this must be referred to each case individually according to the circumstances of the case. Which is estimated by the trial court. ✅2- If the creditor loses his written bond due to a foreign cause that he has no hand in, such that the loss arose as a result of a forcible accident or force majeure... such as the collapse of the property in which he lives, or a fire breaking out in his home, or the outbreak of war... and so on. ✅ But there is - a third, very important case - which is if the principle of proof of writing is met, meaning that the opponent has in his hand a paper issued by his opponent, then the fact being proven is likely to be proven, but for this it is required: - that there be a written paper, even if it is not signed by his opponent - and the judge is the one who It is estimated by, among other things, a postal letter, a fax, another contract in which the issue being proven is mentioned, etc. - That the paper is issued by the opponent - That the paper is such that it makes the fact being proven likely to be proven. Mr. Mohamed Rady Masoud Lawyer of Cassation and Higher Administrative ⚖️
Know more about the law⚖️ With AL-SHOURA application ????⚖???? ✅How to remove criminal judgments from the Ministry of Interior’s computer?!! ✅First: Civil Registry: The Civil Registry Network, affiliated with the Civil Status Sector, displays the final judgments executed by the accused, and these are the judgments that are recorded and appear on the record only. The method of removing the ruling in this case is through a request for rehabilitation. A request is submitted to the criminal court to which the judge’s residence is located, provided that the legal period has passed since the execution of the ruling, taking into account that the first misdemeanor is not recorded on the record. ✅Second: Public Security Sector: The Public Security Sector’s Judgment Execution Department network displays all cases in which judgments were issued, even if they were not implemented, and they are registered and present in departments and ambushes. How to remove provisions from ambushes How to remove these rulings from the Ministry of Interior’s computer: A certificate must be extracted from the Public Prosecution’s docket and taken to its security directorate or the Judgments Implementation Unit in the Public Security Sector. The docket certificate and a copy of the ID card are submitted to the relevant security official, and that authority inquires about its validity. If the certificate is valid, it must be paid, the certificate must be signed as valid, and the name must be removed from the records. ✅Third: Criminal information card: The criminal registration card or the criminal information network for criminal investigation in the security directorates: It is an information card for the accused in which the personal name, his father’s name, his fame, the criminal record, his degree of danger and his physical characteristics are recorded, with the aim of identifying those registered as dangerous and when the accused is released on bail or acquitted, as he appears in the investigations display. . ✅How to remove the criminal registration card: Five years must have passed since the last accusation against which a sentence was issued, and a request must be submitted to the Public Security Committee to examine the request. In the event of rejection, a lawyer will file a lawsuit with the State Council to erase and delete the criminal information from the criminal registration card. Mr. Mohamed Hisham Al-Sayed Lawyer of the High Court of Appeal and the Council of State⚖️
Know more about the law⚖️ With AL-SHOURA application ????⚖???? ✅ Cases of final rulings that may be reconsidered?!! ✅The Code of Criminal Procedure, in Article 441, stipulates that it is permissible to request reconsideration of the final judgments issued imposing punishment in felonies and misdemeanors in the following cases: ✅ If the accused is convicted of murder, then the prosecutor finds him killed alive. ✅ If a person is sentenced for an incident, then another person is sentenced for the same incident, and there is a contradiction between the two rulings such that it is concluded that one of the convicts is innocent. ✅ If a witness or expert is sentenced to perjury in accordance with the provisions of Chapter Six of Book Three of the Penal Code, or if a document submitted during the hearing of the case is ruled to be forged, and the testimony, expert’s report, or paper had an impact on the ruling. ✅ If the ruling was based on a ruling issued by a civil court or a personal status court and this ruling was annulled. ✅ If facts occur or appear after the ruling, or if papers are presented that were not known at the time of the trial, and these facts or papers prove the innocence of the convict. Mr. Khaled Hassan Al-Tanani Lawyer of the High Court of Appeal and the Council of State⚖️

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