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To stop: its definition: according to which the men of the public authority have the right to stop the person to ask him about his identity, place of residence and profession if necessary. But if the justifications for the suspension are no longer justified, then they become an unjustified suspension, and it is also followed by a nullity in the arrest because it is not based on a legal basis, as the court must indicate the state of the person who was arrested and the extent of the legality of the suspension or not, and define the suspension by the Court of Cassation as: merely stopping a person who has been placed He himself is the subject of suspicion in order to identify his identity, and it is conditional that his procedures do not include physical exposure to the person being investigated that could affect his personal freedom or assault him, as the arrest is permissible for the men of the public authority if he puts himself voluntarily and voluntarily in the place of suspicion and suspicion, and this situation indicates a A necessity that necessitates the arrestee’s intervention to investigate and reveal the truth, and the suspension does not authorize anything other than investigation work. It authorizes asking the suspicious person about his name and destination and asking him to show his identity card. The arrest does not authorize the arrest of the person. If the matter requires taking him to the police station, it is not permissible as a pretext to implement that suspension as a procedure carried out by the men of the public authority in order to investigate crimes and reveal the perpetrators, justified by suspicion justified by the circumstances. The invalidity of the arrest and search based on the arrest of the appellant "Appeal No. 14658 of the year 63 BC. Session 11/13/1995" During the passage of the police office in the city office, they found a person turning left and right, and when the person saw the police officer, he fled, so the officer began chasing him until he caught him, then this person dropped a narcotic substance And when he caught him, he searched him, and he did not find any other prohibited items. Is this considered a suspension, and is the suspension here correct or incorrect? Let's answer this question. It is very natural that it is permissible for the police officer to stop in certain cases, including if the person has put himself in a place of doubt and suspicion. If we notice that when the person saw the officer showing signs of confusion and fled, he turned left and right, and this introduces suspicion to the police officer. The side of this person, if in this case his chasing the person and when he caught him here is considered a suspension and a valid suspension. Well, what confirms my words, this ruling of cassation???? Just stopping the night patrol of people walking in an unfamiliar place does not count as arrest, and the flight of these people and the night patrol following them until that moment is stopping, and if follow-up is required and watching them throw something on the ground that turns out to be opium, that justifies their condemnation in obtaining this substance, since The patrolmen's finding of this substance was not as a result of arrest or search, but rather after the defendants threw it while trying to flee "Appeal No. 311 of the year 68 BC, session 4/17/1998" Lawyer / Mohamed Ahmed Al-Husseini
Acquiring_the_wife_of_the_Egyptian_nationality_Egyptian ???? Egyptian law grants a non-Egyptian wife married to an Egyptian the right to acquire the Egyptian nationality while retaining her original nationality after submitting an application stating her desire to do so and the husband’s approval of her desire and submitting the required documents while verifying that the marital relationship between them continues for a period of two years to be issued after this Duration The Minister of Interior’s decision to acquire the Egyptian nationality, as the Ministry of the Interior (Passports, Immigration and Nationality Authority) is solely concerned with matters related to nationality, proving, earning, changing and retrieving ???? If the foreign wife acquires the Egyptian nationality, she does not lose it at the end of the marriage unless she recovers her foreign nationality or marries a foreigner and enters into his nationality. ???? The application for acquiring the nationality of the Arab Republic of Egypt (Form 19 C, Wife request for Egyptian Nationality) is completed and signed by both the husband and wife, and the following is attached to it: 1- Marriage certificate. No foreign marriage document is accepted, and in the event that the marriage procedures are not completed by legal means And official according to the Egyptian law, this step must be taken first by certifying what was concluded from the marriage and then obtaining the Egyptian marriage document. Birth certificate of the husband and his father and a copy thereof 3- 4 recent photos of the wife + a photo of the husband 4- The wife’s birth certificate 5- The wife’s passport Lawyer / Mohamed Ali Hassan
Types of divorce First / Divorce on exoneration: It is by agreement between the husband and wife at the authorized person, in which the wife waives all her marital rights from marital alimony, iddat alimony, pleasure alimony, and delayed dowry, and she is not entitled in the future to file a lawsuit with these rights. Second / Absentia divorce: It is the one that is done by the husband at the authorized person in the absence of the wife. Third / Divorce by court ruling: In all court rulings regarding divorce, the wife obtains all her marital rights, including alimony, waiting period, temporary dowry, and the list of the notables of her agency, except for the divorce by divorce, in which she only obtained the list of the notables of her agency. Lawyer / Samar Hamdy Emam

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